The following information is provided to answer frequently asked questions on benefits. Please review the entire terms and conditions of membership by clicking on the link at the bottom of this page.
Becoming a Member
Q: What is the Sandals Select Rewards Program?
A: Sandals Select Rewards -is the returning guest/loyalty program for Sandals and Beaches Resorts.
Q: Is there a membership fee to participate in Sandals Select Rewards Program?
A: No. Membership is free to past guests of Sandals and Beaches Resorts.
Q: Can a company join the Sandals Select Rewards Club?
A: No. Membership is available only to individuals.
Q: I visited a Sandals/Beaches Resorts with my friend but I didn't pay for the trip. Can I still join the Sandals Select Reward Club?
A: Yes, however no points or nights will be awarded. We only allow credit to one account per room. However, you will earn your full enrollment bonus by enrolling online or by membership application.
Q: I visited a Sandals/Beaches Resort with my friend who is also a Sandals Select Rewards member and I paid my portion for the trip. Can I split the points and nights earned for the reservation between my account and my traveling partner's account?
A: No. Points can only be earned by the guest whose membership number appears on the booking. The paid nights are also accumulated by this member only.
Q: How soon after I enroll will I receive my membership materials?
A: Materials should be received by mail 6-8 weeks after enrollment. If materials have not been received after eight weeks, you should contact us at 1-800-669-4774.
Earning Sandals Select Points
Q: How are points earned?
A: Effective November 15, 2013, Sandals Select members will earn 1 point for every 1 US dollar spent on their reservation at Sandals Resorts or Beaches Resorts. Points earned will be based on the web rate of the land portion of the booking, inclusive of the air credit. This amount is listed directly on your booking invoice. All future bookings made by SSG members prior to November 15, 2013 will earn points based on the current calculations.
Q: Is there a maximum redemption allowed per reservation?
A: Yes. Members may only redeem Sandals Select Points for discounts on bookings at participating resorts for up to 25% of the actual room cost. Rules at time of redemption shall govern the redemption process. Some awards may require advance reservations.
Q: Instead of paying my deposit can I use my points?
A: Sandals Select Points cannot be used in lieu of a reservation deposit. All Members redeeming points must make the required cash deposit to secure their reservation. Deposit amounts may vary by region and travel dates.
Q: What is the definition of a paid "stay" under the Sandals Select Rewards Program?
A: A paid "stay" is considered 3 paid nights or longer.
Q: I am vacationing at a Sandals/Beaches Resort with a friend and we are both Sandals Select Members. Who earns credit for the stay?
A: The member that will earn the credit for the stay is the member who applies their membership number to the reservation.
Q: Do I earn points if I travel to a Beaches Resort?
A: Absolutely. Beaches is a part of the Sandals family and any booking made at a Beaches Resort is eligible to earn points based on the promotional or web rate of the accommodation.
Q: Is there any way to earn points other than by staying at a Sandals or Beaches Resorts?
A: Currently the only way to earn points is on the promotional rate or web rate of traveled bookings.
Q: Can I book several rooms under my membership and have all the points assigned to my account?
The Primary Member may earn points and nights for up to two (2) rooms within each calendar year in which they are not an occupant. The Primary Member must provide their membership number at the time of booking. We will not credit any account that requests credit for stays after the stay is taken.
The Primary Member must be 100% financially responsible for said rooms and provide the following information: Proof that they paid for the room by submitting a copy of their credit card statement or cancelled check. A signed letter from the adult guests who stayed in the room with a copy of their Driver's License or the letter must be notarized.
Q: If I join today, will I be credited with my paid nights for all past stays?
A: You can and will receive credit for your paid nights in the past, towards the "70 Paid Night Free Stay" component of the program. Please note that we will not be able to research past stays taken before 1994. Also, please remember that the paid nights counter starts accruing from zero after you have used your free stay milestone.
Q: If I join today, will I be credited with points from all past stays?
A: Points may only be earned on past stays where those stays were completed within 120 days of the date of your enrollment. In addition, on second stays or higher -Sandals Select members have 12 months from the check out date of the resort in question to apply for adjustments and retroactive points.
Q: If I am redeeming a complimentary stay or stay that has credit nights and I pay for an upgrade will I earn points?
A: No. Points cannot be earned on complimentary stays or stays with credit nights. You will not earn points on paid upgrades for these stays.
Q: Do my points expire?
A: Yes, Sandals Select Points will expire three years after the last date of activity.
Important Note: Members are responsible for ensuring that they add their membership number to their reservation. Members are also responsible for ensuring that points/nights earned are properly credited. If they are not properly credited for Points within 60 days of travel, they must send a copy of their reservation voucher, resort invoice in question, and payment receipt with their membership number to the Sandals Select Rewards department.
Account Maintenance
Q: How Do I update my Sandals Select Member information (address, phone number, e-mail, etc.)?
A: There are several ways to update your information and ensure that your records are current. You may access your account online and make appropriate corrections yourself; you may email us at with any changes.
Q: I wish to change my married name or go back to my maiden name. What is the procedure?
A: Once your membership has been completed it is a legal document. In this case, we will require that you send us (either via fax or email) a letter stating that you wish to change your last name. Please include a photocopy of any legal documentation (i.e. wedding certificate, divorce decree, etc.) reflecting the name change from your previous name to your current name with the letter.
Q: How Do I contact Sandals Select Rewards Club?
- Phone:
    US: 1-800-NOW-4-SSG or (305) 284-1300 ext. 4197
    UK: 0800 197 8946
    CA: 1-800-545-8283
- Mailing Address: Sandals Select Rewards Club, 4950 S.W. 72 Ave., Miami, FL 33155
Our office hours are from Monday to Friday, 9:00a.m. - 7:00p.m. EST.
Redeeming Milestone Awards
Q: Can I combine nights from stays at Grand Pineapple Resorts when redeeming milestone rewards for Sandals Select Rewards?
A: Yes. Milestone awards for the Sandals Select Rewards Program are based on all standard paid nights at Sandals, Beaches and Grande Pineapple Resorts.
Q: Can I redeem my free week at any resort and room category?
A: The resort and room category for a free week are decided by doing a calculation of the average resort and room category where a guest has stayed over the duration of their 70 nights with Sandals/Beaches Resorts.
Important Notice: Sandals and Beaches Resorts reserve the right to deny or revoke Sandals Select Awards, Points and Night Credit at any time if Sandals/Beaches Resorts determine that awards/points/nights were improperly given.
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